MO Musical Objects

The “MO” (research project Interlude) allows for the exploration of novel gestural interfaces for musical expressions. The interaction paradigms are centered on collaborative use of gestures, body movements and touch.

The interfaces can be assembled to form an ensemble of connected objects communicating wirelessly. A central concept is to let users determine the final musical function of the working objects, favoring customization, assembling, repurposing. This includes assembling the wireless interface with existing everyday objects or existing musical instruments.

The central module MO contains motion sensors (3D accelerometers and 3axis gyroscopes) and transmits the data wirelessly. Moreover, two accesorries, i.e. other sensors can be added to both side of MO.

The project “MO” has won the first prize at the 2011 third annual Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology

To learn more:

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