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Conferences, posters, demos

  • D. Fober, F. Bevilacqua, Invited conference and performance/demos on the MO interfaces, Electronic Music Week, Shanghai Music Conservatory, Oct. 2011
  • Invited demos at conference Lift 2011, 2-4 Feb., Genève, Suisse
  • Invited talks and demos at Institut Français de Bucarest, Roumanie, 25 Jan. 2011
  • Public presentation on the Interlude project at Biennale Musique en Scène, Lyon, 11 March 2010
  • Invited seminar, D. Fober et C. Daudin on augmented musical scores Ircam, 3 Feb. 2010

Invited talks, including Interlude results

  • F. Bevilacqua, Interfaces gestuelles pour la musique et le spectacle vivant, Forum on Tactile and Gestural Interaction  FITG II, Lille, 22 Sept. 2011
  • F. Bevilacqua, Invited Seminar at University of California Irvine, July 2011
  • F. Bevilacqua Invited Seminar invité à MiPP Motion Capture Workshop – University of Sussex, 7 Juillet 2011
  • F. Bevilacqua, Invited seminar at Goldsmiths, London, 30 March 2011
  • F. Bevilacqua, Keynote at SEAM 2010: Agency & Action – Seymour Centre – Sydney 2010
  • F. Bevilacqua, projects results presented at “Troisième cycle romand d’informatique”, Fribourg, Suisse, 2010
  • F. Bevilacqua, invited seminar “Le geste comme langage”, IRI-Centre Pompidou, 2010
  • Poster, Conference STIC –ANR, Paris, 2010
  • F. Bevilacqua, N. Schnell, S. Fdili Alaoui, Invited workshop at Dance Congress, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Allemagne, 2009